The Dream

Spencer Ratcliff

I like to write because….. since childhood I have marvelled at the magic of words; their delicious, infinite ability to paint pictures and set imaginations ablaze. 

As a young man I discovered Hemmingway, Steinbeck, Stevenson, Huxley, Paterson and many other brilliant writers, with, in my opinion, the literary genius Dylan Thomas conjuring, juggling words and worlds without compare.

Between them they took me around the planet, the Milky Way and the Universe. I am, thank heavens, still up there.

As a journalist, writing in my favourite genre of historical fiction provides a huge measure of satisfaction during the intensive, detailed research process.

One of my greatest pleasures comes from crafting word portraits of geographical features and seasonal moods; of being able to transport the reader on a journey back to treasured times, to retrieve and revel in youthful emotions, smells and tastes that have been tarnished or buried by time.

I like to write because I wish to entertain and enthrall, to paint a canvas that absorbs, to create my very own people and to reflect real ones, be they compassionate or cruel, brilliant or bizarre.

I like to write because it permits me to create dreams, to give birth to compelling characters and powerful voices that reflect the mental, physical and spiritual wealth or poverty of the human condition.

The adrenalin takes me into the unknown, challenging my thought processes, invariably forcing my storylines and characters to deviate and develop.

To me, a brilliant novel is a literary jig-saw puzzle packed with individuals who step out of the pages, who talk to you, who demand your attention.

Creating every colourful piece of that puzzle and then being able to click them all together to produce the final glorious picture, is surely one of the finest arts of this wonderful world.

I have many missing pieces … but I’ll never stop searching for them and learning.



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