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Zimbabwe ~ Eye for an Eye

Zimbabwe Eye for an EyeThe dictator, the fear, the savagery. This is Africa - steaming with heat and hatred. This is Zimbabwe 2014, where one man’s justice is another man’s vengeance. This is the law of the jungle, where all Gods are right but no Gods seem to be listening.

Robert Mugabe has been kidnapped from his own birthday party. In a remote farmstead hideaway near Victoria Falls, the ill and aging tyrant vents his bitterness.

He can no longer shake his iconic right fist in rage. It has been hacked off and sent ahead of him to The Hague as his black and white kidnappers demand he stand trial for ‘crimes against humanity’.

Like so many things in the Dark Continent, the rules are very different from most of the world, with democracy and justice in particular.

It is Africa, where the Bible blends mysteriously and mischievously with powerful ancestral spirits; where permission for ‘An Eye for an Eye’ is readily gouged from the scriptures to suit purpose and prejudice.

A shocked United Nations dithers as the book casts its bloodied eye back on the war of ‘liberation’ and its atrocities; to when cotton farmer Sam could walk and his African friend Saul had lips; when guerrilla fighters Edson and Comfort could no longer tolerate the white man’s abuse; when bullying Afriaakner Jaan had two arms and the Zambezi River God, Nyaminyami, demanded freedom and justice.

It probes deep inside Mugabe’s paranoid, psychotic mind and motivation, often taking words direct from his mouth.

The hatred and aspirations of black and white prove identical. They all want ‘justice’ or ‘revenge’, they all want their land back and they all question their faith.

Zimbabwe plunges into crisis as African Biblical justice takes its inevitable hand.  It is called the law of Lex talionis  ~ An Eye for an Eye. Exodus 21:23-25


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